Welcome to a renewed BEMBALYFE! Hope you like our new look!
When we started this site, we didn’t know exactly what kind of site this is going to be. We started this in Finnish, but now we want to make things more worldwide so we decided to changes this whole site to English. 

The older posts are still in Finnish, but for now, all the posts are going to be in English. English is not my mother language so I’m sorry if there are some grammatical faults! 

What’s new?

– In addition to the new writing language and layout, we also have this new blog section where you can come closer to us and read about our everyday life.

– Before that innovation, I was the only writer on this site. Now we want to make things more interesting so you can also read posts and travel articles by Michael! If you have some post ideas that you want to read by Michael, you can send your suggestions here:

– We made an update on the About us page, go and read!

Feel free to ask me anything!



Any thoughts? Comment what you think!