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What a peaceful Saturday evening here in Pulau Weh. I’m sitting on a balcony and enjoy the sunset and ocean breeze (and try to kill the goddamn mosquitos!).

We arrived here yesterday just before dark. The night was quite windy so the noise of the sea was pretty loud but we still slept very well. We are staying in a bungalow in the middle of the soothing nature!

The wake up this morning wasn’t so nice because someone started praying through a speaker at 6 am. The sound was so fucking annoying and made us almost crazy. He kept on going for only 15 minutes but still 15 minutes too long if you ask me! 😀

Today after breakfast we drove around the island with a scooter. The nature here is INCREDIBLY beautiful! The original plan was to stay here only two nights but we found a super nice new place and decided to stay one extra night so we’re here until Monday.

We are super excited about tomorrow because the new place we found is located right next to amazing coral reefs that are supposed to be the best in the area. Sooo tomorrow is a snorkeling day for sure!

Michael enjoying the heat!
Palm trees
Pulau Weh
Amazing view
Mountain view in Pulau Weh

Laters, Lotta

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