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This, TIME-LAPSE TUESDAYS, is our new way of showing a small moment of our life from a different perspective. From now on we are going to post a single time-lapse every Tuesday with a small story behind the place where it’s shot.

Pulau Weh, what a paradise! We traveled to this Island, which is located in North Sumatra – Indonesia, in search for a calm atmosphere where we could really relax and enjoy the beauty of some unspoiled nature, and of course work. This is what the morning looked like from our “on top of the ocean” bungalow at Olala Cafe & Bungalows*

This wooden bungalow is located in the middle of the jungle next to this amazing ocean view, also the view below the surface is amazing – a lot of different coral and fish that come and greet you when you enter the water. If you are looking for a chill place with some rasta vibes, this is the place! Enjoy!



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