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This time-lapse is shot in Ko Lanta, Thailand. When traveling you have to use your imagination to be able to do your healthy routines, wherever you are.  This is where Youtube come into my life, there is a lot of home workouts and yoga videos, absolutely FREE.

It’s not the same thing as going to a class but it’s better than nothing. All you need is a phone or a laptop and a wi-fi connection and you are good to go. The yoga mat is easy to carry around as long as you choose a light one that is suitable for traveling. You can check out some yoga mats here!*

Yoga is good for you because it’s calming your mind, strengthening your body, makes your posture better, accelerate your metabolism and make you more flexible. For all these reasons it’s a very good habit to take on when you are traveling, or actually, whatever you are doing in life. It’s only good for you!

My favorite on Youtube is Yoga With Adriene, who have been doing it for years and have something for everybody. She has these 30-day challenges which are very nice, you can do it your own way and level. No pressure that you would have to do everything “perfectly”. Just listen to your own body & mind and go with that. She’s also pretty funny – yoga does not have to be so serious! I am now doing the 30-days “Dedicate” -challenge which has been nice and it’s suitable for everyone – not too hard at all.

Have you ever tried any home workouts? What is your favorite channel on Youtube? Leave a comment below!



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