Lotta: I love routines, I’ve always loved. The most important routines for me are wellbeing & health routines. For me, taking care of my own health is one of the most important pillars in life. I want to keep my body and mind alive all year round and I also want to live a long and healthy life.

If I don’t take care of my health regularly, I feel really tired, powerless and I can’t focus on my work etc. I have also never understood the phrase “summer condition” or “bikini body” when people start to live healthy just two months before the summer. Why not be in a shape and live healthy all year round?

When traveling, routines are not the same as when you live in one place and build your everyday life in a particular schedule. In my present life situation, my home is all over the world and I don’t have a specific place to schedule and live my life, so my routines are a little bit different than what they are normally back home.

For example, I can’t go to the gym because there are none here. I have built my health routines on the basis that they can be easily practiced also while I’m traveling from place to place. I would go crazy if I wouldn’t take care of my physics or endurance because they’ve always been important to me – I’m used to doing sports and exercise every day, even a little. So it doesn’t matter if I’m traveling or not, I still want to take care of those things.


Nutrition is definitely one of the most important keys to healthy living. You are what you eat is not a bullshit phrase! When traveling, we don’t have our own kitchen to cook in, so we mostly eat in restaurants. There are lots of warungs here (where you can assemble your own meal) and I usually pick my meal from vegetables, proteins and good fats. It’s not always possible or easy to find the cleanest food, but still, you don’t have to choose the biggest hamburger dish on the menu  – there is certainly something healthier than that!

Many people say that it’s too hard to keep a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Yeah, it might be a little bit harder but I would say that it’s not impossible if you really want to do it. Why would you let the new environment affect you? If you want to live healthily, you can definitely do it. I never order French fries when I’m in Finland, so why would I order them when I’m traveling? If I care about my physical condition when I’m at home, why not care about it while traveling also? It doesn’t matter where you are, you just have to find the right ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle. When it’s a lifestyle and not just a few weeks of “get in shape for summer”, it’s way much easier to stay on track!

 My workout philosophy then and now

I used to train pretty hard and goal-oriented for years but my problem was that I couldn’t really listen to my body what it really needed. I should have done way much more body care and less hard gym sessions and hill runs. Fortunately, I have grown wiser and developed from those days and I listen to my body so much more nowadays. It’s not how you look or what your coach says you have to do, it’s how you feel inside and what your body and mind really need!

I think that it’s important to find the connection between the body and the mind and listen to what they need. Nowadays, I’m no longer able to do hard exercises in the mornings, like a hard morning surf or gym session, because my body needs calming and light exercise after I wake up. In my past, I would always do some hill runs or jogging straight when I woke up, even if I was super tired and my body was sore from the previous day’s exercise. That’s NOT listening to YOUR body!

Now I’ll start every morning with some mobility/body care exercise. I do some opening movements, stretching, focusing on breathing, listening to what my body and mind have to say. I’m really aware of how my body feels and I give it exactly what it needs. I don’t have to make a hard exercise right in the morning if it doesn’t feel right. We are all different individuals, and we all have different needs. Some of us are immediately receptive to heavy exercise in the morning, while others need calm exercises like yoga. Both are totally okay! I think the most important thing is to do what feels best for YOU!

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My habits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while I’m traveling:

Eat clean food! Or at least try to find as clean food as possible. I do that when I’m not traveling, so I also maintain this when I am traveling. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to find healthy things, but I always try to choose the best ones!

Drink lots of water every day! Drinking water boosts metabolism and helps the body properly break down food. My all-time favorite drink for hydration is definitely fresh coconut water – I drink it every day if possible! Keeping the body hydrated is very important especially when traveling in the tropics.

Find your own way to exercise! Nowadays I work out listening to my body and I’m totally hooked on mobility exercise – it’s so good for my body because it keeps me flexible, helps with my muscle tensions, strengths the deep muscles, improve my position and also gets me sweaty in this tropical heat! There are lots of different home workouts on Youtube that you can do where ever you are. Surfing is also super good for fitness. It’s totally not the easiest sport at all and you really need some muscle endurance to do that!

fresh coconut water

When people say “I can’t exercise when I’m on a trip” or “I can’t eat clean while I’m traveling”, I think it’s just an excuse. You can do it if you really want to (and if you don’t, that’s also okay if you want it that way, I don’t judge! But then it’s useless to complain about it!) Just use a little bit more time to think about what you order in a restaurant and use your imagination for different variations of doing your exercises! I always bring my yoga mat with me because it’s super light and I can easily put it on my backpack and bring it everywhere I’m going.

And hell yes, sometimes I want to party three days in a row and eat fast food and ENJOY it because BALANCE is also the key for the (mental) health! Life is too awesome to be too hard on yourself. The reason why I support a healthy lifestyle most of the time is that I really love it, it makes me happier and gives me lots of positive energy that I can give to other people around me!

What are your favorite health routines?


Any thoughts? Comment what you think!