Kuala Lumpur airport, probably a pretty common sight if you ever traveled in Asia. It is the largest purpose-built terminal optimized for low-cost carriers in the world. This is one of the most popular transportation hubs in the area and that is because of the ideal location, in the middle of South Asia. This airport is one of three airports in the Kuala Lumpur area and it’s the biggest and newest. The official opening day was the 2nd of May 2014. It is capable of serving 45 million travelers per year! That’s about 123 000 people per day so if you ever fly there, there will be a lot of other people also.

This place is actually a little bit more than an airport. There are hotels, a train station, restaurants, shops and a lot of different transportation possibilities to different parts of Malaysia. In fact, they have 225 different retailers in the building so there is plenty of different ways of spending your time here, shopping or just walking around and see what there is to offer. You have all the biggest food chain brands here with McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC etc. but there is also a very big food court with all kind of different Asian food for a very reasonable price. That is a big bonus compared to other airports where all the restaurants are super expensive.

In general, the airport is very well organized and usually, everything works out very smooth from immigration to baggage claim. The only thing that is bad in my opinion is if you happen to have a flight scheduled from K or L gates, there are very limited food or shopping possibilities. Therefore it is good to know that there is a security check just before every gate pier (J, P, K, L, Q) so if you have a lot of time before your flight you might want to just stroll around in the “open” area before you go to your gate. That’s what we do because you save some money and there is more to do. There are free water dispensers all over the airport so it’s a good idea to have an empty bottle with you for a more convenient travel experience.

We have been at this airport over 10 times in the past year and this is for sure one of the best organized and well-working airports we have been to. Cheap flights to all nearby airports that you could think of. And if you are coming or going with an international flight, the KLIA international airport is just a few kilometers away and you can easily take a train there. If you need to go to Kuala Lumpur city you can take a bus, train or taxi. The bus is our regular choice because it’s the cheapest (2,5€). It’s only 45 kilometers so it will take about 1-2 hours to get there depending on traffic.

Note if you are traveling with a surfboard bag or other big baggage, you are forced to take a bus or taxi between the airports because the won’t let you take any big baggage in the train.

That’s all and happy traveling!

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