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This shot is from North Sumatra, Indonesia. We have stayed here for almost 2 months during our travels this year. This place is somewhat unknown and for a good reason, the Muslim Sharia Law. This means that there are very strict rules, especially for women. There are not many tourists and not much infrastructure here, but we have stayed here because it is relatively cheap and there are no outside distractions when working. And not to forget the incredible nature!

We stay at Eddie’s Homestay*, which is by far the biggest building in this whole village and is run by a very special man called Eddie, and he has been through a lot, the craziest thing was the 2004 tsunami that hit this place very badly. But he still continues to do his thing and at least in my eyes, it’s some kind of success.

The days go by working on the computer and surfing when there are waves and the wind is good, other than that there is not really much going on. Compared to Europe this place seems to have been stuck in the past and the culture difference is like day and night. The locals are very friendly but it’s hard to get a real conversation about life, because they kind of live life in a bubble here, and of course, that’s totally fine.

We are really happy that we have had the opportunity to stay here and also to get to see this part of the world. We will continue our journey in a few days and leave this weird place behind, maybe we’ll be back someday, maybe not.





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