Welcome to BEMBALYFE! Glad you made it here. We are Lotta & Michael from Finland and we love to travel. But that’s not enough!  So we decided to create this website where we can share our travels and experiences with the world. We also hate to live in the nine-to-five system and that’s why we both quit our jobs several years ago, and since that we have been searching for our life purpose.


We met each other at the end of 2017 and slowly but surely started to put our visions together and 6 months later we came up with the idea of a travel & lifestyle website because we saw potential in each other.

Lotta is a writer whose passion is a balanced and healthy lifestyle and Michael is an adrenaline junkie who basically sees the world thru a camera lens and loves to make videos. And now we finally feel that we have found our purpose – to help people and share ideas and experiences, that’s what BEMBALYFE is all about!


I was born in 1990 in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. I grew up with my family that includes my parents and little sister. My mom and dad have always been very supportive and encouraged me to live my life the way I wanted, as long as I’m happy. They also taught me to see all things in life optimistically.

My childhood was happy with a lot of friends and hobbies. Synchronized skating was my number one thing, and I wanted to do it all the time. I spent most of my spare time doing it.

My biggest passion in life has always been sports. I love to set goals (almost as much as I love dogs and writing!), I think they are important in life. Goals will push you forward!

I have studied and worked in different fields, but nothing I’ve ever done in Finland seemed right. In 2016, I got tired of living in the squirrel wheel and made some radical changes in my life. I left everything behind and went to Australia by myself to start a new chapter. I’m still on that path. One thing I know for sure is that I want to travel the world and do my own thing.

I’m lucky that I’ve found a partner with whom I can share common passions – traveling, evolving and experiencing new things.


Okay, here’s my story!
I was born in 1987 and had a pretty regular Finnish childhood, except I lost my father in my early years. That didn’t stop me, it made me stronger and more aware of how precious life is. I grew up with my sister, mother and dogs. We had Rottweilers!

We also traveled a bunch when I was a kid, that’s where my passion for traveling started. Thailand was the first country I really liked because the people there were so friendly and the weather was amazing.

My first real love was skateboarding and after that came snowboarding and video filming. I spent many years of my young adult life as a “semi-pro” snowboarder in Finland, mostly making video parts of street snowboarding with friends.

I also started studying video filming and editing at a University in Helsinki. That took me 9.5 years to finish, but I did! Before that, and after, I’ve had many various jobs but none that I really liked. That’s where I just started traveling as much as possible.

This is where I still am and I’m not stopping if it’s up to me!

This is the first thing in my life I really feel that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. And I want to evolve all the time. Learn something every day. The progress should not stop until you die!

“There are no problems, only solutions”